Tuesday, March 6, 2012

siCkneSs & eXam - it'S unDeniAble atTraciOn

im a little unwell, both physically and emotionally*currently*
it's raining in ipoh, not helping with my flu at all...*sigh
i could answer some of the OCSE questions today, well some of it anyways, some were completely strange and foreign to my untrained eyes
the most frustrating part is that it's all my fault. i know im suppose to work harder when i have so many other commitments. but i didn't really.

i realized that i cant have my cake and eat it too, but sometimes i just wish that i could..
and with my laptop gone*tearing up*
life could have not been better...
i know...let it all go..
God knows best:)

need to borrow some optimism
need to update my iman~