Thursday, November 22, 2012

The lap, before the final one.

As you obviously can see; I've pretty much forgotten all about my 2012's resolution to blog. *LOL*

Well, I passed my phase 3A final exams. (one check on my list) Today, i just finished my first (6 weeks) posting for phase 3B. We had 6 different specialties & i had to sit for an exam at every Friday for each week.  (specialty III; hematology, dermatology, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, palliative & complementary medicine)

At least i got some things on my list done. I went to Cambodia. RM3 (rural medical mobile mission RCMP) held this program called 'Cambodia Relief Mission'. It was a two weeks trip where we went to the rural area in Cambodia to provide medical aids & help increase public health awareness. (stuff like, personal-hygiene, prevention is better than cure, breast CA awareness) (one more check)

I also went to Royal Belum, Tasik Banding for social work with RM3. It was held in the villages of Indigenous people in that particular area. We also had medical check-ups & public health promotion there. (another check :) )

I dont have any pictures from Tasik Banding, but i do have some from Cambodia. Here's what we did;

blood pressure counter

teaching kids hand washing techniques tru colouring :) loads of fun

line up at registration counter

giving instruction to the translator (khmer language spoken there)

Finally; I've one last thing to announce. Haha; I've retired from debating. After Novice & PDO '12 this year, I decided that i haven't done may things, & uni years are running out short for me. 

So, for all of you out there, who are just like me; DON'T wait for the right time, JUST DO IT NOW. There's no such thing as the right time OR the right moment. Make the moment happen. Don;t be making so much damn excuses. 

This is it, the LAP, before the FINAL one. 

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